The fate of the Armenian people in world history - is mournful and tragic. 
Merciless blows of foreign invasions of the flow exodus of Armenians from their historical territories.
Wave after wave alternated resettlement, immigration, flight…

In the 11th century after the capture of the Seljuk Turks of the ancient capital of Ani tens of thousands of Armenians fled across the Black Sea on the Crimean peninsula.
After four centuries, when the Turks stormed the fortress Kafa (Feodosia), the majority of Armenians fled the Crimea and moved to the north-west.
Large groups of Armenian immigrants in different ways reached Central Europe and take a friendly attitude of the local population, settled here and began to establish a familiar life.

The rulers of Russ, and then change their Lithuanian Grand Dukes, Polish and Hungarian kings, of Master and Prince of Transylvania, when he saw a useful role of the Armenian population in the economy and defense of their country from foreign invaders, gave the Armenians a variety of privileges.
So a huge Armenian diaspora has become part of European nations.

Lviv, where was one of the most famous and oldest Armenian communities, is one of the centers of spiritual culture of the Armenians of Ukraine.
Until now, there is a Europe's largest Armenian Cathedral, which is located at Armenian Street. Previously, there were other temples and monasteries, the inside of whole neighborhoods, populated by Armenians.

Armenians first appeared in Podolia in the mid 11 century. Ancient Kamenetz-Podolsky, with its famous castle and the unique landscape position immediately drew the attention of Armenian immigrants. They settled on the rocky terraces of the river canyon Smotrich remind them landscapes native Armenia.

Armenian Cathedral of St. Nicholas, was blown up in the 30-ies of the Bolsheviks and the KGB, was one of the major architectural landmarks of the city.
Remained intact only the chapel. But the Armenians Kamenetz has regained its foundation and are going to recreate the church in its historic form.

Film "Armenian legacy of Europe" aims to uncover a grand cultural potential of the European Armenian culture, covering the historical period of more than a thousand years.